Friday at Shinil High School and the American Center Korea

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Friday took us to the beautiful campus of Shinil High School in Seoul. We were so thankful for the opportunity to share about our universities with these students! We are also grateful for the pizza and soda that was provided. We hope that we are able to see many of Shinil’s students on our campuses in the next couple of years.

Thank you to everyone at Shinil High School for allowing us to visit, and for welcoming us so warmly! We hope to visit again soon.

After our visit at Shinil, we traveled a short distance to the American Center Korea, where we were able to speak to students and parents gathered there. Bryant Kong (CalBaptist), Sijin Cho (WCU), and Michelle Constantine (me!) were each able to share about specific topics of interest. This was AmeriStudy’s second time visiting the American Center Korea! We hope to stop by again soon!