Q: Do any AmeriStudy universities offer scholarships for international students?

A: Several of our universities offer sizable discount to international students. These may be seen in the cost section of the profile page for each school: AmeriStudy Universities and Colleges

Additional financial aid may be requested during the application process. While many large state universities charge more for international student tuition, many of our universities are offering special incentives to attract more international students.

Q: Are there additional scholarships for international students to apply for other than from the school I am applying to?

A: Of the few private scholarships for international students, most require that you apply from your home country. If you are already in the US you might not be eligible. So you should search for financial aid before you arrive in the US.

Some international organizations offer funding for graduate students to study in the US. These include the United Nations, the Organization of American States (OAS), AMIDEAST, the International Maritime Organization, the International Telecommunications Union, the League of Red Cross Societies, the Soros Foundation, the World Health Organization, and the World Council of Churches.

Q: How many universities are in the AmeriStudy network? 

A: Currently there are 19, but additional schools are being added on a regular basis. Please explore all 19 using this link: AmeriStudy Universities and Colleges

Q: Where are AmeriStudy schools located?

A: Most of our members are in the midwest and across the southeast of the United States. View the map below.

Q: Where can I see the academic courses being offered?

A: As you “Explore” our participating universities, each profile page has a link to a page showing all academic majors.

Q: What is the advantage for applying through AmeriStudy rather than directly to one of your universities?

A: Most universities have a deadline for application. If you miss that deadline, due to our special relationship with these institutions, your application can still be considered. Also, some of the scholarships may not be automatically available to you if you do not apply through AmeriStudy.

Q:  Can one application be used for each of the universities I want to apply for?

Each of the AmeriStudy “best-fit” universities that you have reviewed under “EXPLORE” and possibly selected from, requires an online application process.

Q: Is there a cost for this service?

A: No – there is no cost to you or your parents for application through AmeriStudy. All application fees, tuition, room and board or paid directly to the university.

Q: How do I get started?

A: After you have “Explored” our universities, take 5 minutes and fill in the information on this form: AmeriStudy Connect Form

While filling in this form, you will choose up to 3 schools to whom we will send your information so that they may contact you directly.


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